Jewellery Trends in 2020

Jewellery can change your entire appearance, and transform your look from basic to sophisticated. Something as simple as having the right watch on your wrist or the right golden cufflinks to go with your shirt can provide the changes your look requires. The challenge is finding something trendy so you don’t always get stuck with the same piece of jewellery. The top jewellery pieces and styles that you must have in your closet in 2020 include the following:

Animal Motifs

Having an animal motif in your jewellery collection is what is trending now. It could be a pendant engraved with a butterfly, a bangle made into the shape of a scorpion, or even an animal-themed anklet. Bird earrings or loops that have an animal in them have also become very popular jewellery pieces. This type of jewellery goes best with casual wear. For example, you can easily pair up with denim and sandals in a casual setting. One of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery on the internet now is the panther neck finger ring by Alexis Bitar.

Dainty Jewellery

Dainty jewellery that is small and delicate became all the rage in 2020. Having tiny earrings or a dainty necklace adds some class to your whole look. For those looking for simplicity who do not want their jewellery to steal the show, dainty jewellery is the way to go. Dainty jewellery is also the perfect gift for older people who do not want to be weighed down by heavy or clunky jewellery.

Statement Chockers

Chockers have made a huge comeback in 2020, and they are becoming even bigger and more pronounced. They can be made from fabric or from any other type of material. Some jewellery making initiatives are now selling fashionable chokers to improve the lives of the vulnerable. The latest style of wearing chokers includes wearing it with a wide-topped blouse or a tube-top to showcase its beauty. Chokers can be either formal or casual depending on their design.

Crafty Jewellery

Suddenly everyone is wearing crafty jewellery. It can be a bangle made of wood, a necklace made of elaborate beadwork, or whatever other ‘crafty’ material is available. Crafty jewellery can be used to bring some playfulness to an otherwise serious and formal outfit. It can also add a bit of colour to otherwise dull attire.

Faux Shells and Pearls

Pearls are expensive and not everyone can afford them. That does not mean that people cannot enjoy the feeling of wearing something that feels like pearls. Many jewellery-making companies are now playing with the idea of incorporating fake pearls or shells into their designs. In 2020, there has been a general trend among both young and old to include fake pearls or shells in their collections.

Use of Ordinary Objects

You have probably seen necklaces that look like safety pins, hoops made of tiny combs, and bangles bearing what looks like a padlock. These ordinary objects can make unique jewellery pieces that have become fashion hits all over the world.