Tips for Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Picking out appropriate jewellery on your wedding day should always be in line with what makes you feel beautiful and at ease. However, you do not want to make a big outfit clash in the name of being comfortable. To strike this balance, these tips on how to choose your wedding jewellery will come in handy.

Keep it Simple

It might be your big day, but still, it would not be a good idea to overdo your choice of jewellery. The idea is for people to appreciate you as the beautiful bride you are and not just focus on your jewellery. Actually, in such cases, less is more. Please keep it simple and only use well-picked pieces. You can always use a friend to help you choose right.

Let the Dress Guide

Many brides face the dilemma between gold and silver when choosing wedding jewellery. The easiest way to make a decision is by using your dress as the basis of your choice. A pure white dress looks elegant when accessorised with silver or platinum pieces of jewellery. Gold complements an ivory dress because of the creamy shade.

Champagne dresses can either go with burnished silver with rhinestones or gold. For a blush dress, rose gold should do the trick. The dress has a soft pink shade which matches well with the pink cast of the metal in rose gold.

What’s Your Dress Neckline?

The shape of your dress neckline has a way of complementing your face’s shape. A choker works wonders in a strapless dress. You can also decide not to have a necklace and instead go with statement earrings. With a V-neck, you can either choose a pendant or a choker. For a halter or a reverse halter, keep the accessories around your hair. You can also try an embellished birdcage veil to hack a retro vibe.

Be You and Don’t Get Overwhelmed

If the entire talk about jewellery makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, try getting a piece you love and stick to that. Alternatively, you can opt for a diamond or pearl studs. You might have heard that a jewellery set can work but if you want a modern look, avoid being all ‘matchy-matchy’.

After all is said and done, just be yourself and go with your gut feeling. If you love how you look, with or without a piece of statement jewellery, go for it. The best accessory is your confidence.