Tips on Choosing Jewellery for the Right Occasion

Nothing is as disheartening for women as buying a piece of jewellery, only to find that it is too much or too simple for the intended occasion. The feeling is even worse if you never get to put it on again since you do not know how to match it with other clothes.

While every woman has different appearances for different occasions, in this article, we will focus on how to make you choose the right jewellery every time so that you can make the correct statement.

Work Jewellery

Your type of work will dictate how you are to accessorize. Some jobs do not allow any form of jewellery at all, while others do not mind when women enhance their looks. However, you still need to maintain a formal appearance as you do not know the kind of clients you will meet. Keep off big and too detailed accessories. Sophisticated gold and silver combine with most of your work clothes so that should well be a great place to start.

Other Formal Occasions

Many women try hard to strike a balance between an official look and a party vibe when they are asked to attend a formal party. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are still on your employer’s property, so you do not want to look too informal. However, this does not mean you always have to keep up the entire office outfit. Pearls have a great way of giving you that balance you seek. They are also timeless, so you will not have to worry much about keeping up with trends.


The weekend is finally here—time to spice up your look and also explore your choice of jewellery. Flashy diamond rings will not disappoint. They make you look bold and on point. You can also go bright with your earrings, especially if your outfit is of a dull colour.

Parties are not as limiting as other occasions unless they have specific themes that narrow down your choices. For example, you would not wear the same jewellery to a black-tie dinner as to a club party. The latter can have you choosing casual accessories while formal dinners will need a more put-together look.

Casual Wear

One of the occasions that are not as difficult to style up for is casual events. Most of the time, you are catching up with friends, stopping by your parents’ house or just going out shopping. Here you can be a bit playful with pendant necklaces or add a clasp to your scarf.

Accessorize Like a Pro

Always remember that your accessories speak a lot about who you are, so try always to get the right jewellery. Most importantly, feel comfortable with the pearls you have on.